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Eagle Instruments provides rental equipment to Environmental and Safety Professionals for Hazardous materials detection and protection.  Our extensive range of rental equipment is available for long or short term rentals. All available rental equipment is calibrated and serviced regularly. To request a quote for your next project, we've made the process quick and easy to complete through our  rental website.
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Online Field Sampling Supplies
Eagle Instruments provides a complete range support products for the assessment and management of environmental projects and occupational workplaces.
At Eagle Instruments, equipment repairs, and calibrations among one of  the highly specialized services that we offer. Our reputation is quickly growing as one of the nation's leading asset management companies. Learn More
Eagle Instruments is certified to provide water quality instrumentation that meets  the New Jersey calibration standards in accordance with the NJAC 7:18. Lac Certification #04031
At Eagle Instruments, we have earned the right to be called a Target Supplier. Years of experience and honing in on of our client’s needs has afforded us this acclaim. Our target supply base includes the supplies necessary to complete your Instrumentation and equipment orders. We are proud that we’ve earned the respect to be backed by the industry’s top Manufacturer and Supplier Partners.
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